The Spartan Ultra

50 KM, 60+ Obstacles

No longer just an add on to the Spartan Beast, the Ultra is a distinctly new Spartan Race experience. The Ultra upgrades the Ultra Beast to an exciting and challenging format of 50km, featuring unique course elements and obstacles. It’s also highly elusive – there are a very few Ultras in the world, and even fewer entry places.

Depending on where in the world you compete, you’ll encounter distinctive new obstacles available only in the Ultra. The courses will be some of the most visually stunning, but make no mistake – they’re also the hardest out there. Prepare for leg-crushing vertical, technical running sections, and tough Elite and Age Group category cutoff times.
The Ultra has a range of exciting new Spartan goals to achieve, including the highly coveted finisher’s’ belt buckle, an Ultra wedge, and a limited-edition Ultra finisher’s shirt. Only a brave few in the world will be able to proudly own these.

All global Spartan Ultra events will be qualifiers for Elite and Age Group categories into the Spartan Ultra World Championship.

Qualifying competitors will receive an email notifying them whether they qualified (or not, in which case they’ll be challenged to try again). Qualifiers will also receive a special digital “coin” to show off to their friends on social.

Think you can handle it? Find your Ultra now. Good luck…