2020 Oberndorf European Team Championship

Spartan Team Championships 2020

Also this year, Spartan comes back with the Spartan Team European Championship as part of the big European Championship Weekend in Oberndorf/Tyrol on September, 11-13, 2020. Teams of 3 will compete for the unique title of Spartan Team European Champion and the priceless honor to represent the Country.
NOTE: after the Championship team heats there will also be the chance for teams that do not want to represent one country (mixed nationalities) or do not want to compete for the European Championship. This heat runs with the same rules and takes off after the Championship Elite heats at 9:20. Please select „Competitive Heat“ for that option.

Spartan Team European Championships more info :

  • A Spartan Super Team Race
  • Place : Oberndorf/Tyrol, September 13
  • Teams by gender, 3 MEN or 3 WOMEN in a team
  • Teams by nationality. Passport or identity doc required
  • No presets, anyone can register, there is no team limitation for a country
  • Teams have to sign up in one registration. All you need to do is for the team captain to create a team and add his team mates.
  • Each team’s finish time is based on the third team’s member time.
  • All the three team members must cross the finish line together. Otherwise the team is DQ
  • No help is allowed except for the obstacles that will be specified
  • Teams need to wear the regular race items (Spartan Headband) + and will receive an item to identify them as a team, which all team members will need to wear visibly at all times of the race

Special Information Oberndorf European Team Championships

Schedule :

  • Departure MEN’s Teams: Sunday September 13, 2020: 9:00
  • Departure WOMEN’s Teams: Sunday September 13, 2020: 9:05
  • Departure Competitive Teams (no EC race): Sunday September 13, 2020: 9:20

Bibs pick up :

  • Mandatory on Saturday September 12, at the Festival Area

Rules :

  • The rules are the same as Elites or Age Group races with the possibility of mutual help on certain obstacles that will be specified before race

Qualifications for the event :

  • No qualification required